Converting AHV to ESXI

  • 27 November 2019
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Hi all, did you guys know that AHV to ESXi conversion is only possible from Prism (Convert cluster option) if the cluster was earlier Esxi converted to AHV and being converted back to ESXi.  AHV to ESXi conversion is not supported from the Prism.

Some pre- requisites for converting AHV to ESXi via prism are-

However one could always re-image an AHV node to ESXi manually.

Before converting the cluster, customer should always migrate the running vms on the AHV cluster to their DR cluster. This can be done using Protection Domains. More information on Protection Domains can be found below:  or also refer KB-3059

Once cluster is converted, migrate the vms from the DR cluster to the freshly converted cluster.

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2 replies

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these are how I usually do  , inplace cluster convert 


  1. make sure your first hypervisor was VMware, then only you can go or AHV and come back 
  2. valid VMware license which supports DRS feature as DRS is a must
  3. install virtio VM running on the ESXi cluster
  4. make sure compatibility of VM os with ahv 
  5. make sure the other compatibility related part 
  6. power off all the VMS (downtime start)
  7. run the pre-convert check 
  8. make sure no error and if so start the conversation
  9. once the conversion completed, power on the vms
  10. in case revert is required the power off the VMS again and start the rollback 



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@nishantpanchal Yes, additionally there are some more requirements which you could have a look at in the above link that I shared.