Changing password expiration for local user in PE

  • 23 March 2023
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I would like to change the password expiration for a local user I have created in the prism element.

I’ve tried to change it via the command:

nutanix@cvm$ sudo chage -M <MAX-DAYS> admin

I’ve managed to do that to the admin user, but when I change “admin” with my local user, 

It says that the user does not exist in etc/passwd.


Is their any way of changing the password expiration for a local user that it is not “admin”.

(The user is a cluster admin).


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Sorry, only the admin and the nutanix users exist in the CVM. We don't recommend expiring the nutanix user password as that’s basically a service account and it’ll potentially break a cluster if it expires. KB 4676

All the other “local” users don't exist at the Linux OS level in the CVM or AHV or PC.

We are working on additional password management features that might include expiration dates.