Can you please describe how failover would occur

  • 19 October 2021
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Hello and thank you for the advice,


I administer 1 block, 3 node cluster on NX-1065-G4 hardware, power is 110v. Following is the software versions:

Version LTS - Pro License
NCC Version:
LCM Version:
AHV Version: 20170830.396
HA reservation is enabled
Can you please describe, or link to a KB which will help me understand, how a node failure will cause VM fail-over to another node? For instance, if node 1 fails, how and when with the workload fail-over? What configuration settings do I need to consider to optimize the workflow?

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Hi @Adetokunbo 

Here is the document link explains three different types of HA configuration on AHV.

AHV | VM High Availability (HA)

BTW, AOS version is out of support and I recommend to upgrade to latest version.

Splendid, thank you!

Regarding the AOS version, thank you as well. I’ll contact support to identify the best upgrade path / orchestration, since I see the in LCM there are few updates.