acli - how to update VM's custom script/user data?

  • 16 March 2021
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Is there a command to update a vm’s custom script/user data?

I tried the following and it doesn’t work:

<acropolis> vm.update  my-vm cloudinit_userdata_path=file:///tmp/user-data.txt

2 replies

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Hi adnil,


I am a little confused by the question. Cloud-init is used during initial VM creation or cloning (again, creation of the VM). You are looking to update VM’s Cloud-init script?

Acropolis Command-Line Interface (aCLI): vm.update has a full set of vm.update parameters and cloudinit_userdata_path is not one of them.

Take a look at this thread ncli create vm with custom script to pass in cloudinit. Let me know if that helps.


@Alona - thanks for the response.  I see in Nutanix, there is the ‘custom script’ feature and I was hoping it would provide the same capability like in AWS and Azure where if you power off the vm, you can edit the ‘custom user data’ and re-power the vm so that it takes the update.  But looking thru the cli doc link you provided, it doesn’t seem Nutanix has such a feature for vm update.