2 nodes cluster in 2 rooms

  • 14 May 2020
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Hi team,

it’s a question about architecture :

  • ROBO Site
  • customer has two rooms (another one for the witness is possible)
  • customers would like a node in each room 
  • hypervisor : ESXi

According to the docs, there's no reason not to do it ?

is this architecture supported or not, and better is there somewhere a documentation about this design ?

Many thank for your help.

3 replies

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Hi Herve,


I can’t see why not to be honest. Not sure what exactly you mean by the witness, please clarify?

There is no design document specifically for this setup but I’ll share the links to all docs I find useful. My reasoning is that the two-node cluster is comprised of 2x single node blocks (NX-1175S-G7) that are to be connected via a physical switch anyway. Provided there is no added latency by the setup it is no different than placing the two blocks next to each other in the rack.


KB-5943 Single-Node and Two-Node Cluster FAQ

Best Practices: ROBO Deployment and Operations


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2 nodes 1 cluster OR 2 nodes 2 clusters?

You are mentioning about Witness, I guess that this could be 2 clusters with 1-node cluster type and using Witness for DR?!

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I guess what @Herve means is if the two nodes of a 2 node cluster is placed in separate rooms and a Witness in a third room. I don’t see why it would not work as long as the latency requirements are met. 

Here is a tech talk explaining the same.