Scan File System ( Analytics )

  • 12 April 2021
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Would like to ask, What’s the use of this particular Windows in Settings “Scan File System” , I have noticed that Some of my Folders are marked as Completed but some of them are Marked as “Never Scanned”. What does this mean.. Thank you.. 

3 replies

Hi CarloNX, thank you for your question, i have the same question…. a answer would be great. I am curious:thinking:

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Hello @CarloNX 
Thank you for posting this question. Can you elaborate more about this Windows VM? and its relation with Nutanix. Is this hosted on Nutanix? is this a Nutanix specific question or you are looking for a windows specific answer.

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Hello Chaitrali Deshpande,

In regards with your question, Kindly see below image , Those are the Folders i created in our Nutanix Files.

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