Nutanix Files EOL and EOM discussion.

  • 11 June 2019
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Nutanix Files is a software-defined, scale-out file storage solution that provides a repository for unstructured data, such as home directories, user profiles, departmental shares, application logs, backups, and archives. Flexible and responsive to workload requirements, Files is a fully integrated, core component of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Nutanix Files release cycle is independent of AOS releases. Since it’s functionality is independent of AOS. However, AOS acts as Storage and UI provider etc. . There are still a lot of components on which Files is dependent on. That’s the reason there is always a supported AOS base. Hopefully, in the near future Nutanix Files may completely decouple from AOS.

This leads to an interesting point that what version customer should be on? Before we discuss this point let’s understand about Nutanix Files release history.

  • Nutanix Files (formerly known as AFS) 2.x became GA with AOS 5.0.x
  • Nutanix Files (formerly known as AFS) 3.x became GA with AOS 5.6.x

Nutanix files 2.x was supported from AOS 5.0.x onwards. Which means customer can deploy 2.x on any AOS from 5.0.x onwards.

Nutanix Files 3.x was a flagship release with many new features (NFSv4, Re-IP workflow etc.) There was a lot of bug fixes which made the product a lot stable. Customer needs to have minimum AOS 5.6 version for 3.x to be deployed.
Nutanix recommends to always be on the latest supported AOS base since there are a lot of UI, Alerts and check dependency on AOS code base.
For instance if you want to leverage NFSv3 (New Feature in 3.5), you should be on Nutanix Files 3.5 & Recommended AOS version is
Note :- Screenshot is taken from Nutanix Files Release Notes.

Best Practices

  • Always refer Nutanix Files x.x.x.x Release Notes before a new deployment or an upgrade.
  • Always refer Software Product Interoperability page for AOS and Nutanix Files recommended interoperability.
  • Always refer Upgrade Paths page before Nutanix Files upgrade. This provides you details about target release version and if they are supported for upgrade or not.
  • AOS needs to be upgraded to a compatible version before you upgrade Nutanix Files.

Nutanix Files EOL/EOM

Nutanix Files maintains EOL and EOM for it releases like any other Product family. It is advised to always ensure we are on supported version. This is applicable to both AOS and Files. In order to ensure we are on the latest supported version, please refer EOL information doc.

Files 2.2.4 vs 3.x

Nutanix Files don’t have a concept of LTS or STS release like AOS. It is recommended for the users who are running on 5.5.x (LTS) branch and cannot upgrade to the latest AOS versions to only be on Files 2.2.4 branch ( EOL os Mar 2020)

Other customers who are running on AOS > 5.5.x should upgrade their Nutanix Files to the latest supported version i.e 3.2.z and 3.5.z.

It always recommend to ensure that we are not running on EOL versions for AOS and Nutanix Files. 2.2.4 is an exception which is going to be maintained till 5.5.x goes EOL.

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