Nutanix Files command reference

  • 10 October 2019
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Is there a comprehensive Nutanix Files related command reference guide (PDF/HTML)?

Similarly, a reference guide for Files with respect to APIs, RESTful calls, PowerShell/Python APIs etc?

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3 replies

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Hi @DavidN,


There is nCLI command reference for Nutanix Files. There is also PowerShell reference.

As per APIs you may refer to for reference but I was not able to find an option of managing Nutanix Files with the APIs unfortunately.


Hope this helps.

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Hello Alona,


Thank you, I’m familiar with both - I guess I was looking for one a centralized place for all Files related commands/APIs… 

More specificaly, is there -or will there be- a (public) documention on the various “afs” command line options?

i.e. (this is just a few samples I was able to find in varioud KBs:)

 afs infra.stop/start

 afs ha.minerva_check_ha_state



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I can most definitely see how it would be convenient to have at least one CLI option with extensive capacity for management, configuration, montioring and troubleshootin.

It would be exciting to see this or at least one online document/PDF wtih exhaustive description of various operations possible with their commands as well as some recommendations towards configuration and set up.

So far Nutanix Files 3.0 is the closest to that.

I am not aware of future plans on documentation releases unfortunately or existence of such document. I will attempt to find out. Will let you know if I discover anything.