Nutanix Files - Changing IP Addresses for Existing FSVMs

  • 3 December 2019
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Nutanix Files Cluster comprises of multiple virtual machines or FSVMs, which require both internal (Storage) and external (Client) IP Addresses.

Files Cluster with 3 x FSVMs require at least 7 IP Addresses (3 x Internal + 3 x External + One Internal IP).

  • Storage Network ( Internal Network ) needs to reach the CVMs and the Data Services IP (for best performance they should all be in the same subnet)
  • Client Storage (External Network ) needs to reach the Domain Controllers and Client.

As of AOS 5.6 and Nutanix Files 3.x, File Server Re-IP is now a supported workflow as shown below. 

The whole Re-IP workflow involves 4 steps

  1. From Prism, navigate to the File Server tab. Highlight the File Server and select "Update" --> "Network Configuration".
  2. Please remove the existing "File Server DNS entries" before changing the client network.
  3. Update the Client (External) and Storage (Internal) Networks and select "Save". 
  4. Validate DNS entries have been updated.

Once the Network Configuration changes are updated, please update DNS entries again since we deleted the entries in step - 2 above, (before the process was initiated.) 


For the complete process and how to change Files Cluster IP Addresses in different scenarios, please go through the following Nutanix KB:

Re-IP workflow for both 2.2.x and 3.x file version

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1 reply

Question:  Is there a way via CLI to set static IP addresses on FSVMs when their interfaces are in  NTNX managed VLANs ?  From the Prism GUI if you select a managed VLAN you don’t get the option to set IP addresses; only if you select an unmanaged VLAN.