Missing folder after FILES migration

  • 20 July 2023
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I have encountered a peculiar situation here. I am synchronizing two file shares, and everything appears to have been copied successfully. However, there is one folder that doesn't show up in the target file explorer. I am certain it was copied because I can see it in the log. Additionally, if I attempt to create the same folder in the target location, I receive an error stating that the folder already exists, and it creates a new one with a '(1)' appended at the end. I have ensured that the hidden view is enabled in the file explorer. Any thoughts on what might be causing this issue?

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3 replies

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Hi, is RBAC enabled on the share? Are permissions set correctly on the folder?

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Is Access-based enumeration (ABE) enabled, ABE restricts viewing files and folder based on permissions. Its SMB only


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Yeah. While typing RBAC, I was just thinking that that wasn’t the right term. Now I read ABE, that is the right feature.