Install Nutanix Files on ESXi

  • 19 February 2021
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I’m in the process of installing Nutanix Files on Esxi but I’m stuck at Add Network (through vCenter)
We found this link but it is no more available

Any help is appreciated



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@RicGer It looks like Prism is not able to see the available networks (i.e. port groups) present for your ESXi hosts. 

As mentioned in the Nutanix Files deployment guide (, there are certain pre-requisites for the Network pre-check during Nutanix Files deployment:

  1. Configure storage and client network via vCenter
    1. Storage Network - The VLAN that connects the Controller VM to the FSVM
    2. Client network - The VLAN that connects the FSVM to the AD and DNS
  2. Have vCenter registered with all of the ESXi hosts in the AOS cluster managed by the same vCenter.
  3. Register vCenter to Prism as well (

Once you make sure that all the above network pre-checks are met, you can check if Uhura service can detect these available networks (portgroups configured for storage and client network). Uhura service is the one which interfaces with the management APIs in ESXi(via vCenter) to allow user VMs to be managed from within Prism (along with the VM networks).


A quick way to verify if Uhura can see the available networks (portgroups) via Prism UI is to check whether you can see available networks while adding a new NIC during a test VM creation via Prism ( You don’t even have to create a new VM, just try to add a new NIC in the ‘create VM’ option and then verify if available networks can be seen in the dropdown list.

You can also check this via acli by running the following command from any one CVM (login as nutanix user) of your cluster:



If you still don’t see available networks(portgroups) in Uhura, then there might be some issues between Uhura and vCenter communication. If this is the case, then you can open a ticket with us via Nutanix Support Portal to further troubleshoot this issue.