File Server Space usage growth alert / autogrow

  • 18 May 2021
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Hi folks!

We’re implementing Nutanix Files and we are not sure how to handle following scenario:

Let’s assume, we create some File Server with some Shares. We set the size of the File Server to 2TiB. Now we create a lot of share that are used by a lot of endpoints.

The usage of the File Server is growing some dozens of GiBs a Month - now worries here. Suddenly some system/user is filling up space rapidly, let’s say 100GiB an hour for the sake of drama. Now, the Cluster wont warn us until it’s almost too late. Maybe this happens in the middle of the night of a holiday that is on a weekend while half of our staff is on vacation and the other half is somehow indisposed/slow/unwary.

  • It would be cool to have some alert, that warns us from extreme usage growth.
  • and it would be great to have some (limited) autogrow feature

So my question to the community: Is there something like that? I know the example is extreme. But from our experience something like that happens from time to time. And if it happens off-guard it’s quite bad.

I thought about writing some check via API. But the metrics are undocumented for /vfilers/{uuid}/stats/. Maybe one of you already has written such a check?

Thanks in advance for your help!



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I opened a ticket (01004157) and will post any usable information here.