File Analytics VM | How to remove Analytics VM

  • 11 December 2019
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Let’s say we deployed a new File server and want to use the power of analytics, a tool created to provide data and statistics on the operations and contents of a file server.

Once File Analytics is deployed on AOS cluster. We can Launch the File Analytics GUI from prism to subscribe to a File Server. Data on the Analytics VM is protected and is kept in a separate volume group other than Files volume group.

But what if we made a mistake while deploying or we want to roll back?
How can we delete the File Analytic VM?

Before answering the question, we need to be absolutely sure if we really want to delete the analytic VM as it will delete all the data and configuration related to the Analytics.

So taking the above note as a serious disclaimer, if we wish to go-ahead

Do we have a way to remove the Analytics VM?

Just follow the documentation mentioned below

Remove Files Analytics  

Want to know more about Files Analytics and it’s features and configuration?

Give the following document a coffee read?

File Analytics Guide 

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