deploying Nutanix Files on Community edition 2020.09.16

  • 19 December 2022
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Hello everyone,

I have downloaded the Nutanix Community edition(2020.09.16) from Download Community Edition | Nutanix Community  and installed on my system and  now I want to deploy Nutanix Files on it . Can anyone here guide me for that . Please tell me if there is need of downloading any software or something.

I can access prism on my network.

Please guide me for deploying Nutanix Files.

Thank you


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10 replies

Hi Rajesh


There is an official documentation that describes how you deploy Nutanix Files:



 I have read it but i want to ask you whether is there any need of buying any subscription or not?

Hi Rajesh


The first 1TiB of Nutanix Files is free. Hope this helps you.

@Anda On creating the file server the pre-requisite of that is Download or Upload File Server Software.

But on opening that I can see No available versions for upgrade.

what to do now?


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If you go to settings → Upgrade Software → File Server. Can you download your bits there? 

@JeroenTielen no available download is showing .


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the cluster can access the internet? And you are running the latest ce version? 

Hi Rajesh


Alternatively you can download the Files Binary from here:


Proceed and upload it then to your cluster via the settings site:


@Anda when i click on the link that you gave me it ask me to activate portal but I dont have any serial number to activate .

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Hello @Rajeshkumar1504 

To access support portal: