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  • 11 October 2020
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Hello Team,


I read that starting from Nutanix Files 3.7 is possible to adjust block size of the share. How can this can be done? Not sure is actually possible in Prism (running aos 5.18.1)  

What block size would you recommended for small files (under 10 Mb the average size) like Excel, pdf, Word and so on?


Thank you!

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3 replies

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Hi newlinksolutions,

Is this what you are looking for Nutanix Files Workload Optimization?

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Hello @newlinksolutions 

For most desktop workloads like Excel, pdf, Word and so on for that its recommend using the default block size.  Desktop loads can be very mixed so switch to one or the other share types may affect performance.

Also regarding adjusting block size I guess Nutanix Files Workload Optimization should help!




thank you both for the answers, this is the Kb I was looking for. It’d make sense to create different shares with different optimization ? For example if a share is dedicated to store big compressed archive files or ISOs, sequential would definitely perform better.