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  • 10 June 2020
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Hello Team,

How we will configure Storage only Block’s? Do we need to follow the same foundation procedure? 

If that’s the case we will have two CVM’s ( CVM and FSVM). can someone please guide me how NX Storage block will configure?



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Here is the guide to configure storage only node


So you would like to run Nutanix Files with Storage only node?  Please explain your requirement in detail



yes, That’s the plan we bought 4 NX-8155-G7 planning to install AFS only. 

what’s the initial step to configure using Foundation?

Does AHV will be installed on storage nodes with the CVM?

Does FSVM need to installed top of them? if so do we need to maintain two CVM’s (CVM and FSVM)






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Hi @Thiruppathiraj 

So are you planning to create a new cluster with these 4 NX-8155-G7 node or you want to add these nodes to the existing cluster as Storage only node?


What is the difference between “Storage Heavy Nodes” and “Storage Nodes”?

Also 'Storage Node' is the term that should replace 'Light Compute' & 'Storage Only’. A "Storage Node" must run AHV as the hypervisor. It usually has lower RAM and CPU resources, (enough to run the CVM and other Nutanix services only).  


'Storage Heavy' means ANY node that contains a high capacity drives that can also run ANY hypervisor (ESXi/Hyper-V/AHV, or Xen). A "Storage Heavy node can also run guest VMs and workloads. Effectively, it is a normal HCI node that has a greater storage capacity.


Please refer the following post


You need to configure File Server (FSVM) on each node.. FSVM can be managed through Prism.  Please refer following File Server guide


You can use Normal Foundation method to configure storge only Node

If you want to use File Server(FSVM) then you can install them on these nodes without marking those nodes as Storage Only node.  Also NX-8155-G7 is not Nutanix Storage only node. It has high CPU and RAM as compare to the Nutanix NX-6000 Series Storage only node

Thanks for pulling the information. it’s going to a new setup.

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@Thiruppathiraj  Thank you for confirmation. I would encourage to use Nutanix Files on these 4 nodes without marking the node as storage only node

Yeah, Sure. Again thanks for the help.

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