Practice Exams are Now Here!

  • 5 March 2020
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Practice Exams are Now Here!
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Practice Exams are now available for Nutanix Certified Professional (NCP) & Nutanix Certified Advanced Professional (NCAP)!




Nutanix practice exams are yet another way for you to prepare for your imminent certification exam. Our practice exams consist of 25 questions – based on the same objectives and level of cognitive complexity as you will find on the live exam.




These questions are based on the same knowledge objectives and are written at the same level of difficulty as you will find on the live exams. You have an hour to complete the exam, after which you will receive a percentage-based score.


However, the true goal of this exam is to become familiar with the types of questions you will see on the real exam. As a result, we recommend you take the exam as many times as you want and work towards a 100% passing score. If you do answer an item incorrectly, we will provide you with information explaining why the correct answer is right and the other options are not at the very end of the exam.


Take your practice exams now!


NCP Practice Exam


NCAP Practice Exam


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4 replies

This is going to be very useful.

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Thanks @SaadAzam

I just tried it now for NCAP and it is great 👍👍

I just noticed that i had scored 73% and 98% but the result is showing not passed.

Is there a passing score that reflects the actual exam passing score or i have to reach 100% to pass. 

not passed, only 38% :(

You should put the explanation even if you get the answer correct, as at the moment it only come up if you get it wrong. This helps with studying to understand an answer further.