[Giveaway Alert] Test your Nutanix Master Level Skills with Monday Masterclass!

  • 13 February 2023
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[Giveaway Alert] Test your Nutanix Master Level Skills with Monday Masterclass!
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Think you have masters-level Nutanix skills? Put them to the test with our new Monday Masterclass Series. 

Each month we’ll post a practice question from our new Nutanix Certified Master - Multicloud Professional (NCM-MCI) v6.5 exam. The question will be posted on the second Monday of each month and you’ll have 2 weeks to reply with your answer. We’ll post the correct answer to the blog after the entries have been submitted. 

Answer correctly and you’ll get an exclusive Monday Masterclass Nutanix Community badge! 🔥

  • Certification Apprentice: Answer 1 question correctly 
  • Certification Leader: Answer 5 questions correctly 

We’ll also give one random winner a free Nutanix suitcase! 











Ready to get started? Check out the first question below! 


Exam Question: 

Another administrator has reported the following output after running NCC on a cluster while  performing updates:

FAIL: CVM System Partition /home usage at 93% (greater than threshold, 90%)

Identify the CVM with the issue, remove the file causing the storage bloat, and check the health again by running the individual disk usage health check only on the problematic CVM.  Do not run the full NCC health check.

Note: Make sure the individual health check is executed from the affected node.

On the live NCM-MCI65 exam you would be expected to execute your answer in the environment, but for Monday Masterclass we need you to identify the command or process to:

  1. Identify the affected CVM
  2. Identify the file or files causing the problem (remember this was found during an upgrade cycle)
  3. List the command or process to run the required health check




Correct Answer: 


For step 1: “Identify the affected CVM” we were looking for a process such as “look at the details of the error” or “run df on each node” or “run allssh df on any node”.

For step 2: “Identify the file” we were looking for a manual process of checking possible file locations, a linux command to search for large files, or a reference to the KB article or support script that addresses this error. In the actual exam environment there was a 26GB dummy upgrade tar.gz created in the software_downloads/nos directory on one of the CVMs.

For Step 3: “List the command to run the required health check” we were looking for “ncc health_checks hardware_checks disk_checks disk_usage_check”


👉 How to Enter [GIVEAWAY CLOSED] 

  • Submit your answer with a sentence or command for all three parts of the question
    • Note, you must answer all three parts of the question correctly to receive the badge
  • Include your Nutanix Community username 
  • Submit to by 12pm EST Sunday, 26 February
  • Include February 13 Monday Masterclass Entry in the subject line 


Note, Nutanix employees are welcome to participate but are not eligible for the giveaway prize.  

This article was written by Karlie Beil, Customer Marketing Specialist. 


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