Chart Your Course to Success: Free Cert Exam When You Train by July 31

  • 20 June 2023
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Chart Your Course to Success: Free Cert Exam When You Train by July 31

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@Vryan San Diego @vicente.onorato I’m sorry to hear your running into issues. Our support team will contact you shortly. 


while scheduling NCA exam , i am unable to proceed further because i do not have invitation code.

Pls guide me for the same, i have already received nutanix exam voucher

I have contacted more than 72 hours ago and I have not received a response.

The problem is that the day to use the vouchers is August 7 and I see that nobody is going to help me

So this is a scam, why do I do the training on the indicated dates if nobody gives me support to fix my problem within the designated date. It's all a lie and I'm very unhappy. Could you help me?



Same issue with me about Invitation code :-(

If someone got ,ews ? 

Best Regards


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@GiúLuíGi I’m sorry you’ve run into issues. Our support team has indicated this has been resolved. 😊

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@Romaincapg please contact our support team for assistance at 

Will there be a similar offer soon?  I just missed this opportunity

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@SRD keep an eye on this blog for all the latest discounts:

Thank you for the fast reply! 

 Hi @Karlie Beil ,


Good day!


I was supposed to take my exam today at 1:30PM for NCP-MCI 6.5, but unfortunately, I was shocked to found out that my schedule was last week, September 1, 2023. I’m 100% sure that I’ve re-scheduled this on September 8, 2023 because as far as I remember, during rescheduling, the slot on September 1, 2023 was greyed-out and I’ve prior commitment on that time. Yesterday, I saw the screenshot below last night to check and saw this, I did not signed up for this, only NCP-MCI.



I’ve already sent an email to &


Thank you

Hi Karlie,

I completed the Enterprise Cloud Administration course and redeemed the voucher for the free NCP-MCI exam, but not taken the exam yet. Does the voucher have an expiration date? Thanks.


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@kpatel2 yes, the exam voucher needed to be redeemed by August 7.