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  • 17 September 2021
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Beam allows you to do the following administrative controls.

  • Add and manage users accessibility to various cloud accounts in Beam.

  • Two types of access can be granted to a user.

    • Admin Access - The user gets read and write access to all cloud accounts added in your Beam account.

    • User Access - The administrator can grant Read Only or Read and Write permissions on selected cloud accounts to a user, thus allowing the administrator to exercise the principle of least privilege.


Adding a Beam User

  1. Click the Hamburger icon on the top-left corner to display the main menu. Then, click Configure → User Management. Click Add User.

  2. In the Details page, enter the user details and change the timezone as desired. Then, click Next to go to the Permissions page. In the Permissions page, you can choose Admin access or User Access.

  3. Click Admin Access if you want to give administrator rights to the user. Click save to complete the task.

  4. Click User Access if you want to grant Read Only or Read&Write permissions on selected cloud accounts to the user.

    1. Select the required access (No Access, read only and Read&Write) across clouds. No Access option is selected by default.

    2. Select the AWS player-and linked-accounts, Azure Enterprise Accounts and Subscriptions and Nutanix accounts for which you want to provide access. Then, Click Save to complete the task

For more information, please refer to Beam User Management


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