What is End-User Computing (EUC)?

  • 12 August 2019
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What is End-User Computing (EUC)?
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This post was authored by Harold Bell SaaS Content Marketing Manager

Regardless of whether you support a small school or large enterprise, managing desktops, applications, and end-user data can be an utter nightmare. It’s inefficient. It’s expensive. And adding desktops can take a lot of time. Not to mention, managing and maintaining the environment is increasingly difficult. End-users, wherever they may be, need access to their apps and files to get their work done and be productive. At the same time, there is true pain in supporting these stakeholders. Cost, complexity, and competency can become real barriers to business success as managing desktops and users is hard for organizations. With that said, IT teams are increasingly turning to EUC for help. What is EUC you ask? Well that’s what this blog seeks to answer for you.

As the title of the blog suggests, EUC stands for end-user computing. It’s a set of technologies used to deliver, manage, and secure the desktops, applications, and data that everyday workers utilize. Simply put, EUC solutions empower today’s workforce. Which “EUC solutions” exactly? At Nutanix, we offer solutions for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure for Citrix App and Desktop Virtualization and VMware Horizon. As a compliment or standalone alternative, we also offer Desktop-as-a-Service powered by Citrix Cloud and Nutanix Xi Frame.

So What Is the Difference Between VDI & DaaS?

I will go into further detail in a later blog about the nuances that separate VDI and DaaS. For simplicity sake, the primary difference between the two I’d like you to focus on is deployment type. More specifically, whether the virtual desktops are deployed from an on-prem data center, or from an external (public or managed/hosted private) cloud. If you’re planning to deploy virtual desktops from the data center, leveraging an installed broker, then we recommend VDI. Continuing that logic, if you’re deploying from the cloud via a managed broker, our recommendation would be to pursue DaaS.

As I mentioned, there will be a follow up blog that goes into further detail about selecting the right solution. If you can’t wait, here’s some material on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) that you can check out. These will give you the scoop on the individual technologies at a high level. Plan on the next installment of this series to recap some of that information but also take it a step further.

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