Nutanix Community Podcast: Stories from the EUC Road

  • 22 November 2022
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Nutanix Community Podcast: Stories from the EUC Road
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We are starting a new series called Stories from the EUC road. Today we have Sean Donahue, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager for Nutanix, speaking with Al Solorzano from E360 on runaway capacity planning.

First up – the case of the runaway capacity planning. How one customer was able to right size with the proper tools and avoided the dreaded capacity sprawl. The tech team were armed with knowing they have a right sized deployment and the data to show management when they need to scale or the impact of change.


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1 reply

There is a technical issue - I have tried to listen to this podcast 4 times, and in every case, it stops during the “welcome, welcome, welcome” part of the intro, so I could not listen to it. I thought you should know !