Nutanix and Azure—hybrid made easy

  • 21 September 2021
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Nutanix and Azure—hybrid made easy
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Microsoft is excited to be a tier one diamond sponsor at the 2021 Global .NEXT Digital Experience conference between September 20-23.

As organizations strive to support changing business needs and deliver innovative solutions faster, technology leaders are considering hybrid cloud transformation.  A hybrid strategy uncovers opportunities for cost optimization and workload modernization in the cloud, while also supporting on-premises datacenter consolidation efforts. 

This transformation, however, creates challenges. Due to the vast number of interconnected services, business-critical applications, and prior on-premises investments, it can be daunting for even the most innovative IT experts. 

Together with Nutanix, Microsoft Azure is delivering solutions that meet you where you are today, delivering a path to unlock cloud transformation and make hybrid adoption easy.

Join Microsoft and Nutanix at the Global .NEXT Digital Experience:

Opening Keynote: Cloud, On Your Terms

Eric Lockard, Corporate Vice President, Azure Dedicated, Microsoft will join the Nutanix team as they share perspective on the latest Cloud and IT trends, and how together we are helping business and IT navigate cloud adoption challenges to drive continuous innovation and build a secure digital future.

Breakout session: Modernize Your Workloads with Nutanix Clusters on Azure

Businesses seeking to modernize their on-prem workloads are increasingly adopting a seamless hybrid cloud platform that helps them get the best of both worlds – on-prem and cloud. With Nutanix Clusters running on Azure, you can modernize workloads without disruption and complexity. In this session we will show how IT teams can utilize their existing Azure accounts, Nutanix software and licenses, to modernize their workloads without retooling or refactoring. This solution provides a faster, simpler, and more cost-effective path to integrating your on-prem workloads with all Azure services (such as Azure Active Directory Azure Storage) and helping your business meet its digital objectives.

Session code: SP23 


  • Sahil Bansal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Nutanix 
  • Swapna Kotagiri, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft 

Breakout session: Deep-Dive: Building a Hybrid Cloud with Nutanix and Microsoft Azure

Nutanix and Microsoft Azure have been working together to build hybrid multicloud solutions. Join the Nutanix and Microsoft teams in this session as we discuss the technical details of our upcoming offering - Nutanix Clusters on Azure. Get ready to learn how you will be able to unify your on-prem environment with Azure! We’ll discuss how Nutanix Clusters on Azure will help you seamlessly migrate or extend applications across cloud boundaries without any refactoring or code changes. You will be able to greatly accelerate your Azure adoption with built-in features that will make it faster, simpler, and more cost-effective to run your traditional applications on Azure. 

Session Code: BS26 


  • Sahil Bansal, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Nutanix 
  • Praveen Kumar Kashimsetty, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft 

Breakout session: Hybrid and multi-cloud data services with Azure Arc and Nutanix 

Microsoft Azure aspires to offer consistency in a hybrid, multi-cloud and multi-edge world. As Enterprises adopt a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy, Azure accelerates their cloud adoption by delivering data services to run on any cloud – private or public. With our hybrid cloud partnership with Nutanix, you can deploy Kubernetes containers on the Nutanix Hyperconverged Infrastructure software and extend Azure Arc-enabled data services to on-premises environments. Learn how Azure combines a wide choice of tool and services, with an approach that can be leveraged consistently across datacenter, edge, and multi-cloud. 

Session Code: SP22 


  • Jason Hansen, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft 
  • Dhananjay Mahajan, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft 

Nutanix Clusters on Azure

At the Nutanix .NEXT conference in 2021 we will be sharing the latest update on our collaboration for Nutanix Clusters on Azure. Our engineering teams have been working side by side to develop and deliver a seamless Nutanix experience on Azure infrastructure. Nutanix Clusters on Azure helps companies develop a consistent hybrid deployment strategy. Business-critical applications can run at any scale with on-demand elasticity when needed. Existing Nutanix workloads are seamlessly modernized without retooling and have built-in integration with native Azure services, such as Azure Active Directory, AI, and analytics.  

This hybrid approach leverages current on-premises investments and maintains existing operational policies and staff readiness to quickly increase business agility with Azure cloud services.  With the portability of existing Nutanix licenses to Nutanix on Azure, organizations’ prior investments are protected, allowing for maximum flexibility to innovate and grow. 

With native networking integration between Nutanix and Azure, organizations are able to dramatically reduce the operational complexity of migrating, extending, or bursting applications and data across clouds. IT teams can utilize existing Azure accounts and networking setup (VPNs, VNETs, and subnets), eliminating the need to manage complex network overlays. 

Should the need ever arise, organizations can utilize Azure as a complimentary disaster recovery solution, enabling business services to be recovered in an orchestrated manner and avoiding costly business interruptions.

With Nutanix on Azure you can accelerate hybrid adoption and modernize at your own pace, without disruption and complexity.

Azure Arc enabled Nutanix services:

The Nutanix and Microsoft partnership also includes development of the Azure Arc management plane, which will enable powerful container and data services management for Nutanix HCI, on-premises or in Azure. This integration will allow customers to extend key Azure services to their Nutanix environment, including running Azure Arc enabled servers, Arc enabled Kubernetes, and Arc enabled data services. This will help Nutanix customers with adopting Azure cloud practices on-premises, and it will help Azure customers with centralizing management of their key infrastructure and data across Azure and Nutanix HCI. Customers will be able to extend key Arc control plane functionality, like resource groups, RBAC, audit, and more to their Nutanix environment and modernize their legacy applications over time. 

Key Benefits of the Hybrid and Multicloud Solutions 

  • Unified hybrid and multicloud infrastructure platform across Nutanix, Azure, and other supported public clouds 
  • Native integration between Nutanix and Azure, eliminating networking complexity and overlays 
  • Seamless application and workload migration across clouds without re-tooling or code changes 
  • Single management plane for servers, containers, and data services across Nutanix and Azure 

Learn More 

To learn more about the Microsoft and Nutanix collaboration, be sure to tune into the Microsoft and Nutanix sessions at .NEXT. For more details on the full portfolio of Microsoft Azure solutions checkout

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