.NEXT Copenhagen: Wrap Up

  • 28 October 2019
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.NEXT Copenhagen: Wrap Up
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This post was authored by Sachin Chheda, Senior Director, Customer Advocacy

Thank you, Copenhagen for playing host to our 2019 .NEXT Europe user conference in October. I know a few weeks have passed since the conference, but I had this feeling that I had to put in words--how fantastic it is to see the Nutanix community, the .NEXT conference (and our install base) grow. We have come a long way from the humble beginnings of several hundred attendees the inaugural .NEXT Europe in Vienna just a few years ago. The AC Bella Center in Copenhagen welcomed over 4,100 attendees—making it one of the largest gatherings of professionals focused on IT infrastructure and hybrid clouds in Europe.

What struck me about this year’s conference was the fact that Nutanix has a lot in common with Copenhagen and Denmark. This became crystal clear on my ride to the airport. As I got talking with the taxi driver, he shared a surprisingly simple reason as to why his fellow Danes were so happy and satisfied. Denmark gives them what they need to be successful. This was exactly what I heard many times over from customers and partners at the conference.

Committed to our Customer’s Success and Delight

Whether we are talking world-class global organizations like Vodafone and Société Generale or highly nimble and dynamic businesses like Warba Bank and JamboPay[1], Nutanix customers are taking advantage of our HCI and Enterprise Cloud technologies as well as our legendary support and services.

In numerous .NEXT sessions ranging from technology deep dives to best practices on different applications, Nutanix customers shared how they are shifting their focus away from lower-level operational tasks and instead focusing on solutions for their internal or external customers. Nutanix’s SVP of Product and Solution Marketing Monica Kumar and Nutanix general managers for EUC, Databases and IoT businesses also spoke about this topic in detail the day 2 keynote aptly titled “The Story of Delight” (read more in Monica’s LinkedIn post here).

Helping customers get the most out of their Nutanix environments is also a reason why we have been heavily investing in customer success as a whole. This includes a continued focus on building out reference architectures, best practices, and application blueprints to demystify deploying and managing a wide range of workloads. Additionally, Nutanix has been investing in building teams focused on functions ranging from cloud economists to technical account management to consulting organizations to customer success. All with the intent to help our customers get the most of their investment and be successful.

As one of the grey hairs (in Nutanix years) at the company, I have seen the investment in customer success maintain our customer intimacy as we grow to tens of thousands of customers.

Show Announcements

Coming back to the .NEXT conference, my colleague Chris Kingdon has put together an excellent summary of all the .NEXT Europe news and keynotes. You can start by checking out all the .NEXT 2019 Europe Announcements or go through the major news one-by-one:

DAY 1 – Opening Keynote

An information and action-packed session with Dheeraj Pandey (CEO), Rajiv Mirani (CTO), Nutanix & industry partners, customer advocates as well as special guest speakers.

INTRO  |  Opening Intro to keynote
CUSTOMERS  |  Nutanix Dreamers, Believers & Builders "10 years together"
NUTANIX  |  Reflecting on 7 years at Nutanix (Sammy Zoghlami - SVP, Sales-EMEA)
NUTANIX  |  Growth of Nutanix over 10 years (Ben Gibson, Chief Marketing Officer)
NUTANIX  |  "All Together Now" Simplicity, Choice, Delight - Nutanix brand campaign
NUTANIX  |  .HEART - Nutanix initiative of advancing women in tech
NUTANIX  |  Education & certification
NUTANIX  |  NEW CXO Focus, The Forecast", NEXT 100k user Community
NUTANIX  |  The Story of Resilience (Dheeraj Pandey, Co-Founder & CEO)
NUTANIX  |  Nutanix technical evolution over the past 10 years (Rajiv Mirani, CTO)
NUTANIX  |  *NEW* Core Platform Innovation (All-NVMe, Optane, 100GbE & RDMA)
HPE  |  *NEW* HPE DX launch - Nutanix on HPE (Craig Routledge, VP, HPE)
NUTANIX  |  *NEW* AHV Sync Rep & Metro Availability
NUTANIX  |  *NEW* Storage Consolidation – Volumes, Files, Objects
NUTANIX  |  *NEW* Nutanix BlockStore & SPDK for NVMe
NUTANIX  |  *NEW* Business Continuity - Advanced DR, Continuous Protection
CUSTOMER  |  TOTAL GAS & POWER - Digital transformation with Nutanix
NUTANIX  |  *NEW* Security - One-Click Compliance on-premises


Day 2 – AM Keynote

NUTANIX  |  Nutanix Day 2 (Sylvain Siou, Senior Director Systems Engineering, EMEA)
NUTANIX  |  Nutanix - Powering Business Transformation & Innovation
NUTANIX  |  Obsession with Customer Delight (Monica Kumar, SVP Marketing)
NUTANIX  |  Nutanix End User Computing Full Solution (Nikola Bozinovic, VP EUC)
CUSTOMER  |  VODAFONE - Michael Janssen, Lead Architect, Remote Access Group)
NUTANIX  |  What's next for Nutanix EUC
NUTANIX  |  Nutanix Era (Bala Kuchibhotla, VP Nutanix Era & Business Critical Apps)
NUTANIX  |  Edge Computing – SC Automation (Satyam Vaghani, SVP IoT & AI)
CUSTOMER  |  HARDIS GROUP - Supply Chain Automation Solution
NUTANIX  |  Telco Edge Computing - Smart City, VNF to CNF, 5G


Our community manager Angelo Luciani and our .NEXT team have put the conference from all the different sessions from both Copenhagen and Anaheim on our community site. You can browse through the content here -- including some of my favorite sessions like Architecting SQL Server for Performance and Availability, One-Click Kubernetes Deployment with Nutanix Karbon, Expert Advice for Running High Performance Applications on Nutanix, and Implementing Nutanix at Enterprise-Scale.

Questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you. Continue the conversation at our Nutanix NEXT online community (

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