Experience Simple and Intelligent Data Consolidation with Nutanix Files

  • 10 September 2020
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Experience Simple and Intelligent Data Consolidation with Nutanix Files
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This post was authored by Michael Mcghee and Lakshana Rajendran, Nutanix

Deploy simple, flexible, and intelligent storage and shares in minutes with Nutanix Files. Eliminate the need to create a NAS silo. Test Drive today!

Nutanix Test Drive continues to add new use cases and capabilities. Check out our blogs to learn about all of the use cases that have been covered by Test Drive so far.

We are excited to introduce Nutanix Test Drive for Data Consolidation (TD 2.2), which lets you try out Nutanix Files, our simple, flexible, and intelligent file storage for the cloud era. It provides a repository for unstructured data, eliminating the need to create a NAS silo. Nutanix Files leverages the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud architecture and is directly integrated into Prism.

Test Drive 2.2 With Nutanix Files

Let’s get started with Nutanix Files. First, fill out a short form on our Test Drive site. You will receive an email with a link to log in.

When you log in, you will see a menu of modules to explore. Click on the new Consolidate Your Data tile to find 3 brand-new guided tours, each of which allows you to delve into Nutanix Files capabilities.

New and Improved Menu

With Nutanix Test Drive 2.2, we’ve also revamped the main menu and broken it down into the following areas to make it easier to navigate around Test Drive:

  • Modernize Your Infrastructure: Create VMs, storage, and manage your infrastructure
  • Automate Operations: Leverage automated intelligence with Prism Pro, and automate application deployment with Nutanix Calm
  • Ensure Business Continuity: Deploy Xi Leap DRaaS to protect your workloads
  • Consolidate Your Data (NEW!): Spin up a scale-out file server on Nutanix—on the fly

At any time, you can click the Quick Links menu at the bottom right of the screen to quickly jump to different guided tours and deep dives.

Consolidate Your Data

The new guided tours underneath Consolidate Your Data will walk you through:

  • Deploying a file server
  • Creating a share
  • Analyzing your data

If you want to start over for any reason, feel free to X out of the current step and click on Continued Guided Tour at the bottom.

Deploy a File Server

Nutanix Files consists of one or more file server VMs (FSVMs) combined into a logical file server instance. Learn about the file server configuration and gain first-hand experience in deploying a file server. 

Create a Share

Nutanix Files uses a scale-out architecture that provides file services to clients through Server Message Block (SMB) or Network File System (NFS) Protocol. Common use cases include:

  • End User Computing: user profile, user home, department shares
  • Application data: software build artifacts, persistent container data, data and video surveillance
  • Video and image repositories: medical data and PACs

Test Drive helps you understand how simple it is to create a share and configure various security and protocol options.

Analyze your Data

File Analytics provides data and statistics about the operations and content of a file server. Test Drive will help you understand how File Analytics gives you intelligent insights into your data through a consolidated dashboard of information, including capacity trends, active data, file types and sizes, and access patterns. You can dive deeper into full end to end audit trails across user, file, folder, and client activity. You’ll also see how anomaly detection can alert you to perhaps unwanted activity based on rules you define.

We hope you will enjoy exploring simple, flexible, and intelligent file storage that provides the foundation for true digital transformation by bridging the public and private cloud worlds. Let’s test drive it!

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We are continuing to expand the experiences offered in Nutanix Test Drive, so stay tuned for what’s to come! Check it out now at!

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