Dbvisit Standby Certified for Nutanix AHV

  • 11 March 2021
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Dbvisit Standby Certified for Nutanix AHV
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We at Dbvisit are excited to announce that Dbvisit Standby is now officially Nutanix Ready Certified for Nutanix AHV. Dbvisit’s certified solution provides Nutanix customers running Oracle Standard Edition databases on the Nutanix hyperconverged Infrastructure, a cost-effective and enterprise class disaster recovery offering, to ensure resilient database environments and enabling business continuity.

Companies who run Oracle Standard Edition databases on Nutanix’s hyperconverged infrastructure, will appreciate the simplicity and automation capabilities of Dbvisit Standby, when it comes to building and managing a standby Oracle database environment. Dbvisit Standby reduces the risks associated with hand-built solutions and manual processing. In addition, Dbvisit Standby allows customers to improve their database licensing efficiencies and maximize the investment in their standby infrastructure.

Dbvisit Standby is built on top of the tried and proven Oracle redo/archive logging mechanism and provides a complete solution for delivering disaster recovery databases. A Dbvisit Standby configuration consists of a primary database and one or more standby databases. The primary and standby databases connect securely over TCP/IP, allowing databases to exist anywhere provided they can communicate with one another via TCP/IP.

Once the standby database is available (Dbvisit Standby includes tools to create this), Dbvisit Standby is scheduled to synchronize the databases by shipping the archive logs from the primary database and applying them to each of the standby databases.

Key benefits of Dbvisit Standby:

  • Central console to provide single view of all databases under management, including real-time visibility and information on database state, to facilitate decision making.
  • Standby database creation and management via an easy-to-use management console
  • Cascading standby environment support, for increased database scaling and data resiliency
  • Automatic or manual failover when an error is detected, based on a set of predefined rules.
  • Graceful Switchover capability to perform controlled, automated role reversals with zero data loss
  • Continuously exercising the standby environment for increased reliability and peace-of-mind
  • Test standby database activation at any time without affecting the primary environment
  • Improve primary database performance by offloading resource-intensive operations, such as reporting and backups.
  • Leverage Standby environment to provide better data accessibility to end-users and downstream systems, such as data warehouses
  • Integrated notifications and alerting for ease of administration

Dbvisit specializes in disaster recovery and share many of the same value propositions as Nutanix, enabling fast and simple creation of standby databases, and automation to reduce administration tasks.  Its never been this easy. Keep your world moving forward no matter what the universe has in store.  Start your disaster recovery planning today by visiting to learn more, book a demo, download a trial, or request a quote.

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