Announcing Karbon Clusters 2.2

  • 18 January 2021
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Announcing Karbon Clusters 2.2
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This latest release delivers improvements in logging, CSI driver enhancements, and Kubernetes 1.17 support.

Following the recent Karbon Clusters 2.1 release, which featured the incorporation of the Calico Networking framework, CSI volume cloning, and expanded APIs, Nutanix is excited to announce the release and general availability of Karbon Clusters 2.2!

In version 2.2, the Karbon team delivers support for Kubernetes 1.17, improvements in logging, dynamic storage volume provisioning, and several other key enhancements.

Kubernetes 1.17 Support

While the level of contribution to Kubernetes from its expansive community is highly beneficial to the cloud native world, it also makes it difficult for users to keep up with the pace at which Kubernetes functionality evolves. Karbon Clusters 2.2 now officially supports Kubernetes 1.17. 

Logging Improvements

Karbon Clusters 2.2, gives users the ability to forward Kubernetes cluster and application logs to external servers or endpoints. Previously, only cluster logs were collected and their distribution was limited to on-cluster storage. Now it is possible to send logs to Elasticsearch instances,for example, running outside of the cluster. 

Nutanix CSI 2.2

Karbon Clusters version 2.2 also offers up some enhancements to persistent storage, by way of the Nutanix CSI driver. With CSI 2.2, users can now dynamically provision NFS storage. Nutanix Files features the concept of file shares, which can now be created dynamically. 2.2 also introduces support for LVM which also brings a boost in storage performance.

Support for CoreDNS 1.6.6

We implemented support for CoreDNS 1.6.6 as the Kubernetes community recommends compliance with CoreDNS over Kube-DNS, due to Kube-DNS being limited by some technical and scalability issues.

Security Fixes and CIS Benchmarks

In version 2.2, we improve the overall security posture of the Kubernetes stack by meeting a greater number of CIS benchmarks. To date, Nutanix has addressed the majority of security vulnerabilities and hardening requirements specified by the CIS.

Sign up for a Karbon Clusters Test Drive

If you’re considering deploying Karbon on Nutanix for the foundation of your cloud-native environment, then take Karbon for a full test drive! The Nutanix Test Drive program puts you in the driver’s seat of Karbon on a live cluster, letting you experience how smooth and simple Karbon makes Kubernetes cluster deployment, storage configuration, and upgrades. 

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