Windows 2008 R2 & Windows 2012 R2 chkdsk /f Powers off/hangs system

  • 15 April 2017
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Running 3 node Lenovo HX1310 with AHV 5.01.

I will be opening a ticket with Nutanix support. This more of an FYI....

First saw this issue with and SBS 2011 Standard (aka Windows 2008 R2 x64). After migrating from Hyper-V 2012 R2. I was/am having issues where the system would freeze. I first thought it was ShadowProtect backups causing, but then it started happening late at night. I think its the WBengine Service (aka Block Level Backup).

I setup a fresh test Windows 2008 R2 with 2 volumes, C: and E:.
When I ran chkdsk on the c: drive it gets to the end, stage 3 of 3, and then the VM powers off. I have to start it manually.
So I tried it on the E: that has no data is freshly formatted. I run chkdsk, and the VM powers off.

Update:Just tried the same chkdsk /f on a Windows 2012R2 server and the same symptoms appear.

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This post is just an update.
Firstly and most importantly, I want acknowledge David Griffin in tech support. He really stepped up on this issue !!!
It seems to be some sort of bug that has something do with scsi_passthru on the Windows VM Guests. From what I observed with David in support is that the disks were cloned from scsi to scisi without passthru. After that, process, chkdsk /f worked normally. We did this first on a Windows 2012 R2 test VM to ensure it worked.

We then performed this task on my SBS 2011 server and we were able to run a chkdsk. Hopefully this stops the issue I was having with this server freezing.

In the event logs, I would notice that when a server would boot, the time in the event log prior to the w32time service starting was off by hours. We applied KB3134 and most importantly you need to power down the Guest VM. Reboot did not take effect!!!!

Thanks for reading....

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Final update, it seems that my hanging issue was due to the NetKVM driver. Upgrading the NetKVM to version 1.118 seem to fix it. Server is normal again.

I'm going to wait until tech suppport comes up with a fix for the chkdsk solution that is more automated. I don't run chkdsk very often.