When doing VM Migration from XenCenter to AHV, the VM gives a boot disk error at the startup in AHV after migration

  • 17 October 2018
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PROBLEM: When doing VM Migration from XenCenter to AHV, the VM gives a boot disk error at the startup in AHV after migration.

VM to Migrate: Windows Server 2012 R2
XenCenter Version: XenCenter version 7.1 64-bit
Nutanix HyperVisor: AHV

I am trying to do VM migration from XenCenter to Nutanix AHV. I am referring this article ( which seems to be the exact case what I am trying to do here.

Every step is going smooth, but I am facing error only when the VM is migrated and when I start the VM it will always go into disk check and boot device not found error.
See image:

This is happening in both of the following case when I am creating a VM in AHV and mounting the disk image of the VM to be migrated:

1) When the DISKs are mounted as SCSI
a. Now, when I am mounting the disks as SCSI which is the normal approach, the VM startup goes into the same error and VM will reboot and goes into disk check. After that it will go into the troubleshooting menu from where when accessing the console (cmd) I am going into DISKPART and I found out that the VM is not recognizing the disks.
b. See image:

2) When the DISKs are mounted as IDE
a. Now when I am mounting the disks as IDE, the VM starts up with the same error and VM will reboot and goes into disk check and then into troubleshooting menu. But this time when I access the cmd console and check the DISKPART it shows the disks mounted. So it recognizes disks when mounted as IDE but not when mounted as SCSI.
b. See image:

I am thinking that when I am preparing the VM in XenCenter to migrate, I am uninstalling every Xen component (drivers, registry, etc.). I am also installing Nutanix VirtIO 1.1.3 drivers but I am suspecting that the drivers aren’t getting installed properly. I have tried installing previous versions of Nutanix VirtIO drivers but after migration the VM is still giving the same boot disk error.
I am also mounting the disks properly, the disk image is also created with the proper UUID, etc. I have tried trial and error with all possibilities but I am still getting the boot disk error when the VM starts up in AHV.

Please help me troubleshoot this.

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  • When you remove all XenServer Drivers, do not DELETE them, just uninstall all the Xen drivers from Device Manager without restarting the VM, (Click NO when prompted to restart)
  • Restart VM
  • If prompted to do another restart after you login, click NO
  • Check Device Manager for any Xen drivers -> if there are any, uninstall them. DO NOT DELETE.
  • Install VirtIO Drivers
  • Clear the Registry Key for all XEN components
  • Shut down the vm with 'shutdown -s -t 0'
  • Do not re-start the VM in XenServer now.
  • Mount DISKs as SCSI in AHV
  • Start the VM
This worked for me, I was doing a silly mistake when I was removing the Xen Drivers. Well, hopefully this article/question/discussion will help anyone with similar problem.

Peace ✌🏻