Volume group disks getting disconnected after VM reboot

  • 17 July 2023
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There is a VG with 5 GB disk assigned for 2 Linux Machines by VM name, upon restart of VMs this disk gets disconnected, to reconnect the disk, I have tried removing the VMs from VG and added again, the disks started showing up fine.

In the linux maching the NFS mounts are saved as persistant already.

Please let me know if this is a known issues as all other VGs with same configurations are working perfectly fine.



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3 replies

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Please review the SAN policy of Windows

Nutanix KB4479

Perform the following steps to change the SAN policy to Online.

  1. Open a cmd or PowerShell session locally on the VM.
  2. Open the disk partition tool:
    C:> diskpart
  3. Check the SAN policy is set to "Offline Shared":
    SAN Policy : Offline Shared
  4. Change the policy to OnlineAll:

Please validate using above




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Thanks for your response brother Farhan, but the issue is happening with Linux Redhat VMs

I have added another 6GB disk in the same volume group and  Linux admin had synced the data of current 5GB disk with the new 6 GB disk and then restarted the VMs.

Everything works fine there was no disk disappearance.

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My bad I missed the OS, make sure you have added the VGs using Data Service IPs and no MPIO is enabled.

Please do check BP-2049 and BP-2105 for fine tuning and avoid issues in future.

I will leave my response as it might help someone else.