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  • 5 January 2024
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Hello - Is there any way we can check when did VMs were powered off in Prism Element/PC. 

Note: I am using Prism Central starter license. 


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Hi Mahendra,

In Prism Element go to the virtual machine and (after selecting the vm) go to “VM Tasks” and there you can find the last restarts. But the powered off is a bit hard. I always look at the counters, for example, memory usage goes to 0 then you know the machine was powered off. 

Thanks Jeroen. I am particularly looking for powered off information through cli or prism central.

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You can get the VM list based on the power stastus from the Prism Central. 

Compute & Storage → VMs Under Filter Power  state filer is availabe (on, Off, Suspended, paused , unknown)

Bases on the selection you can get the desire results 


Thanks Qamar. I am basically looking for an information about when did those VMs powered state. Powered off date and time.