RDM Mapping in Nutanix XCP

  • 5 May 2016
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Hello All,

I am new to "Nutanix XCP, One basic question regarding the Raw device mapping in Esxi using the Nutanix infrastructure. Is RDM mapping supported in the Nutanix Appliance4.6 (Nos)? If yes, Can you please share the procedure to Create a RDM (Physical mode)?..


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6 replies

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What is your use case?

Nutanix doesn't use or allow RDM's in the traditional sense of a physical block devices mounted through the VMW vStorage stack; however, if your use case was perhaps a microsoft failover cluster, you could use Volume Groups and in-guest iSCSI to make that work, and it works well.
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Hello Jon,

Thanks for the explanation. Actually, I am not configuring my cluster into any RDM related use case. After walk through the nutanix cluster and it options, I couldnt find any provision with related to RDM on the nutanix storage configuration so , I am curious to know about how to achive RDM related scenarios in the Nutanix platform. Hence, I raised this concern here.

Also , I am not aware much about the volume groups concepts in Nutanix storage stack. Can you please explain how to achive RDM usecases using the volumegroups in Nutanix enviorment

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Read these three links and come back with questions if you have any

I have a scenario for you , I am currently running an application on virtual machine with VMware using FC SAN and Physical RDM . Now I am migrating that to Nutanix , what all options are available for me . what all changes I need to have at application layer ? eg . FC to ISCSI RDM ..


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Physical RDM isn't supported. You would need to change to an in-guest iSCSI setup to a volume group. Higher up in the chain are links to how to set it up. Make sure you have at least the pro license.
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There are a few ways to tackle this.

My preferred way is to turn this into a virtual mode RDM, and then storage vMotion it to Nutanix, which will actually turn it into a VMDK. That way you dont have to deal with anything special, its just a VMDK.