Phoenix Failed to load squashfs.img on HPe DL380 Gen10

  • 8 November 2022
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When running foundation from the same network as the CVM/AHV host should be in, I’m getting this error. Phoenix Failed to load squashfs.img. I can’t ping the gateway, and it looks like during the bring up it’s unable to create bond0 with the NIC, which is 534FLR-SFP+. It’s like the link just doesn’t come up when booting into the rescue image.

I’ve tried:

  • Disabling the 4 port onboard NIC
  • Pinging itself from ILO remote console (it works)
  • Pinging the gateway and Foundation VM IP from ILO remote console (it fails)
  • Installing ESXi manually on the server to confirm tagging/networking is set up properly, and it is
  • Changing the IP of the foundation VM to another network

Really stuck hard. Any advice nutants? It’s like the rescue image doesn’t

Error Message
Waiting for eth0’s link to come up



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3 replies

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Additional Detail:

Foundation 5.3.2 running on both ESXi and Windows (neither made a difference)

LAG set to none

VLAN for host/CVMs: 0

Tried Nutanix Installer Package stable

Tried Nutanix Installer Package 6.5 stable

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Seems like the 534FLR didn’t make the HCL cut. Mystery solved, I suppose.


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For anyone else here on this path, the actual cause of the error was not setting disabling STP on the switch. The NICs never came up in the short 20s that they try to come up during the foundation process. Found this out after we installed some HCL NICs and it was doing the same thing 😑

On Arista, you configure the interface with the below command. This is pretty clearly spelled out in the field installation guide, and I just missed it.

Note: If STP (spanning tree protocol) is enabled on the ports that are connected to the Nutanix host, Foundation might time out during the imaging process. Therefore, you must disable STP by using PortFast or an equivalent feature on the ports that are connected to the Nutanix host before starting Foundation.

spanning-tree portfast