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  • 24 September 2022
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Hello Guys, I have a scenario where the current nutanix environment NX-1065-G7 AOS version is 5.20 LTS and AHV version is 20201105.2030 and we are adding new node NX-1065N-G8 to the cluster. My plan is to upgrade foundation and NCC of the cluster to latest version and then image the new node with AOS and AHV version the same as in the current nutanix environment.

What are the caution points I need to be aware while configuring the node and adding to the cluster?

what are the risk factors involved?


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Hi @Anandu 

Glad to see you are growing your Nutanix infrastructure. One of the great benefits of this platform is you don’t have to worry when you add new nodes that are different in model, generation or configuration.

You got your process right: Upgrade the existing cluster to the latest NCC/AOS/AHV LTS versions. AOS is your best bet in this case. Once the current cluster is up to date and healthy/resilient (green hearth in main console), simply  follow the “Expand Cluster” procedure described  here: Expanding a Cluster

There’s no risk to your current workloads.

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My current version is 5.20. Can I perform direct upgrade to or does it require a multistep upgrade? Performing upgrade requires downtime, which is why I went for imaging the new node with 5.20.

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Can anyone specify the risk factors involved in Cluster upgrade and how to mitigate? What is the in-built version of 1065N-G8 node?

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Hi @Anandu 
Nutanix Software Upgrades are non-disruptive. No downtime is required, so if you have a healthy cluster and all the software pre-checks pass OK, there’s nothing to worry about. \

Yes, you can directly upgrade from 5.20 to the latest 5.20.x LTS. Please use the LCM menu option in Prism to determine the best compatible version. i recommend you to stay in the 5.20 families in this case. No need to go to 6.x

As per my previous post, just follow the LCM upgrade procedure and let Nutanix handle the rest. Enjoy the magic of Nutanix. :)