Nutanix File Server Vlans

  • 15 March 2024
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Hi Anyone help me on below quarry,


I am little confession while deploying the File Server i have seen two options are one is client network and storage network.

for client network we are taking  new three ips in the the client ip range

and for storage network we are taking Four ips which are the new ip in the cvm range

here …?

which vlans should use for client network..?

which vlans should use for storage network..?


it would be appreciated if someone explain this as soon as possible. 

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2 replies

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Hello there,

For the clieint network, can be any vlan (other than the cvm vlan), just recommend to get your clients routed with the fewest hops possible.

For the storage network, its recommended to put this on the same vlan as the cvms in order to avoid network bottlenecks.

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Storage Subnet will be in the range of CVM VLAN where as Client subnet could be your server/ client vlan to access the SMB / NFS Share.

Note:  You cann’t access the share if you are on same VLAN of Storage.