Nutanix AHV Max Cluster

  • 14 March 2023
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Hi guys, 

i need imformation about max nodes per cluster for one of our implementation.

I cant find any official information for max cluster size.


6 replies

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There is no max cluster size.  (or was it 250 nodes? ;)) 


But dont make them to large as LCM will takes ages to finish. And the risks of multiple nodes down will increase with larges clusters. 

In the Support Portal there are theoretical configuration maximums to keep in mind. 

Go to Documentation → Configuration Maximums. 


But as Jeroen said: In theory there is no max cluster size for AHV clusters. 

For ESX on AOS there might be some limitations to be considered. 

hi guys ,thanks for the answers.

I tried to access this file, but i dont have access to it. Can you please provide me some links with this official statement for unlimited cluster size ?

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The current maximum cluster sizes are documented on the Nutanix Support Portal under the “Configuration Maximums” section. These list the currently tested and supported configuration maximums. 

For AHV, the maximum cluster size as of 2023-03-14 is 32 nodes per cluster.



In the past, this was documented as unlimited because there was no theoretical guard rail. However, it’s impossible to test a cluster of infinite size, so changing these to an integer value that aligns with tested numbers seems more rational to me.

In practice, you will often find your max cluster size is smaller than 32 because of other practical constraints as discussed in the Nutanix Validated Design.

Dear @bbbburns,

can you also provide documentation with max cluster size for ESX and AOS?

is it also 32? or does anything change for these ones?

Kind regards,


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