Moving PC From an ESXi Cluster to a Nutanix Cluster

  • 7 October 2022
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Our PC (we only have the one pc.2022.6) is currently hosted on an ESXi cluster, we also have 2 Nutanix clusters running ESXi as the hypervisor.  I’m looking at moving PC to one of the 2 Nutanix clusters, as the host that PC is currently sitting on will be retired soon.  What's the best way to go about this?


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4 replies

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Are the clusters in the same vCenter? If so:

  1. Find the virtual machine in the vSphere Client.
  2. Right-click on the virtual machine and select Move To....
  3. Select a cluster.
  4. Click OK.
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yes it is managed by the same vCenter. Basically we have 3 clusters.

one vSphere cluster which hosts Prism central and vCentre and two nutanix clusters hosting everyting else.

do I need to register the host cluster with PC once its moved to one of the nutanix clusters?

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You don’t need to register all clusters in PC. As long as they are all managed by the same vCenter, you can simply migrate the PC VM from A to B using your vSphere Client.

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If both Nutanix Cluster are registered under same VCenter, you can just move Nutanix PC VM from one cluster to other with vmotion with Storage and Compute option. 

Re-registration is not required.