Migrating AHV to ESXi

  • 24 August 2023
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I have followed the steps from the 

below links

But when turning on the VM it does not boot gets stuck at the bios screen.

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4 replies

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A couple of questions for you @mdsr83 

  • Didn’t you use Nutanix move for this? 
  • Is the Nutanix environment a CE version of the production version? 

Hello Jeroen, 

Answer 1. No I have not used Nutanix Move as i thought Move is used from other hypervisor to Nutanix ahv and not vice versa, do let me know if there is any such options.

Answer2. Its a prism pro expired license version.

Below is the screenshot of where the vm is stuck.


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Ah I did read the question wrong ;). Ahv to esxi is something you need to do with the vmware tools. Like vmware converter. Nutanix doesnt provide these tools (as expected). Unless the esxi is also a nutanix cluster. ;)


Okay. got you point, have tried using vmware convertor but getting some network related alerts looks like need to get some firewall ports opened.