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  • 16 August 2018
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Can anyone tell me if the inter-site (not intra-site, I am talking about DR replication traffic between clusters) is moved to the backplane traffic port when network segmentation is enabled? The Prism Web Console Guide v5.5 does not say so (it only mentions intra-cluster traffic):

The traffic entering and leaving a Nutanix cluster can be broadly classified into the following types:

Backplane trafficBackplane traffic is intra-cluster traffic that is necessary for the cluster to function, and comprises traffic between CVMs, traffic between CVMs and hosts, storage traffic, and so on. (For nodes that have RDMA-enabled NICs, the CVMs use a separate RDMA LAN for Stargate-to-Stargate communications.)

Management trafficManagement traffic is administrative traffic, or traffic associated with Prism and SSH connections, remote logging, SNMP, and so on. The current implementation simplifies the definition of management traffic to be any traffic that is not on the backplane network, and therefore also includes communications between user VMs and CVMs.


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Backplane network is only used for those tasks described above. Protection domains and replication, flow through the PRISM interface so it uses the management interface. When you setup a remote DR/back-up site you use the external IP address and port of the remote cluster.

The blackplane network uses the 192.168.5.x IP range.
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