identify physical port nx-3235-g9

  • 9 July 2024
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How to identify which NIC 1 NIC 2 etc or eth0 eth1 eth3 and eth4 on physical side. in my case, i want to configure the network active-backup and how to identify which port is eth1 or eth2 either on physical view or prism element dashboard 


thank you 

1 reply

Hi @Ahmad Barizie,

maybe you can try checking the Hardware Documentation in the Nutanix Portal:
Platform ANY - Network Interface Card Replacement (AHV) (

Here you should be able to check which NIC is in which slot. 


Also you can check in Prism Element in the “Network”-View in the menu. 

There you can click the Node-Name and get an overview of which NIC is connected to your vSwitch. With the LLDP Info you should also see to which switchport your nutanix NICs are connected. 


I hope this helps.