How many IP require for AFS

  • 21 November 2016
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How many IP require for creating AFS?

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This is just a part of the documentation: (should be accessible as guest)

Note: Before deployment, AFS requires a set number of IP addresses for network configuration. To ensure you have the correct number of IP addresses, meet the following requirements for each network.
For internal networks, be sure you have one more IP address than the number of FS VM nodes. For external networks, be sure you have the same number of IP addresses as the number of FS VM nodes. Consider the following examples, where N is the number of FS VM nodes.
  • Internal Network: N+1
  • External Network N
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Keep in mind with 5.0 the IPs can be on the same network
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According to the document guide, we have Internal Network IPs should be N+1

In this case what is "+1" means?

Example, I have 3 FSVM so that I should prepare 4 IPs. 3 IPs for 3 FSVMs and the left one is for what?
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The remaining IP is THE virtual IP address (VIP) for AFS