How do I create a template of a VM in AHV? I do not have Prism Central


As stated in the question, how do I create a template from a VM in AHV?

And how do I use the template to create a VM?


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Hello @Dalew 

You need Prism Central.

How to create a template:

How to deploy from a template:

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This isn’t any sort of “official” way, but you can try doing it the way I’ve done it and have seen other customers do it in the past.  Build a Windows VM, attached to the production network, just like you would any other Windows VM. Patch it up to the latest patches from Microsoft. Then, using the console, switch the VM’s network to DHCP (if it wasn’t already getting its IP via DHCP), run sysprep /generalize /shutdown /oobe  on the VM, and power the VM down. I usually name the template something like Z_Windows_2022, for instance. That way it’s at the end of the list and doesn’t clog up the list of VMs.  Then when you’re ready, clone the VM and make sure it gets a new MAC address.  This seems to work for a number of customers.


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The best way is to use Prism Central. incase if Prism Central is not available I normally use below methology 


  • Syspre the VM and shutdown
  • later on use this VM for cloning 
  • you can clone the VM disk to image services also for future use