Converting BR1 to VS1 without reboot?

  • 12 July 2023
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Good afternoon All

I have just watched a video about converting Br1 to VS1, during the process it shows that the hosts will go into maintenance mode and reboot, however the presenter said that unless the MTU is altered the VS will be created on all hosts with no reboot - I just want to confirm this is correct as this is a live production environment?


Many thanks




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3 replies

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Hi Eric,


Can you post the link you are referring to. All the Nutanix process are rolling, single node at a time only, make sure to run ncc and validate output before moving further.

You can also open support ticket to have SRE help you with the conversion.


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a virtual switch will be created with no interruption for the workloads… Pleasae make sure the settings are consistent for all hosts in the cluster. Otherwise,the creation of vs1 will fail.


If you directly migrate br to vs, you need to follow the following steps, stop the vs service first, and then migrate. The experiment proves that stopping vs does not affect network communication 

acli net.disable_virtual_switch  

acli net.migrate_br_to_virtual_switch br0 vs_name=vs0  

acli net.migrate_br_to_virtual_switch br1 vs_name=vs1