AHV ISO Image Fail

  • 3 July 2024
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I have some HX1021 nodes that are bare metal right now and need to have AHV installed. I’ve tried multiple AHV ISO images and AOS ISO images, but every time I try mounting them to install them, I get this error: “[6.486252] pstore: unknown compression: deflate.” I’ve tried multiple versions of these ISOs and have tried downloading them from my local computer and from my jump host. I don’t believe they are getting corrupted when being downloaded. Anyone have any advice?

1 reply

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For deployment you should be using Foundation (available for download from the portal) either as a VM or installed locally on your system to deploy AHV and AOS on these systems.   You cannot install directly from the ISOs as Foundation handles deploying first the Hypervisor, and then the CVM (AOS) on top of that hypervisor.


Take a look at the Field Installation Guide found here: