AD DC on Nutanix Hyper-V

  • 17 September 2016
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I found the KB below stating you can't virtualize domain controllers on Nutanix Hyper-V.

"Why? Because Hyper-V wants to contact the AD server before it can power up any VM on Nutanix storage, and the AD server would not be available because the VM cannot be booted."

I am of the understanding that this might have been a thing in up until 2008 R2, but this should not be a problem when running Hyper-V on 2012 R2.

Anyone that could shed some light on the matter?

Would like to call the support line, but that is not an option right now since it has nothing to do with our own nutanix nodes.

Solved. Found out it is due to the SMB3 share of the nutanix cluster, which requires authentication from the domain.

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7 replies

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Glad you figured it out. Also note that you can submit support tickets for these types of questions as well.
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Obviously a support ticket would be the ideal path, but would that not require an active support subscription with Nutanix?
While we do have support subscriptions active in my company, this question in particular was not in regard to any of them, so I assumed I could not use the official route.
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Yes, support tickets require a support contract on the setup in question, and we're always happy to take questions here, nothing wrong with that.

Support's the most efficient way to get things done, because their are SLA's and proper tickets, rather than community support which is, well, community support, no SLAs or tickets.

Keep on posting, happy to help
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Thank you for the confirmation.

Much appreciate the response.
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I know this is over a year old so I have another question. Would this only be a problem if you had a single AD controller on the Nutanix Cluster? If you have a secondary AD DC off of the cluster would this still be an issue? Thank you in advance for your reply.
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mmcghee ^
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Hi fastburner

You're correct, if you have other AD DCs elsewhere it is not an issue.