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Upgrading AHV


Upgrading AHV

Hey I got me a testlab at work. (NX-1465-G5)


I wanted to see how easy it is to upgrade AOS & AHV.


Aos went flawlessly. but i tried to upgrade AHV-20160601.44 to AHV-20160601.50


I started out just fine, but now it is stuck at 28% Screenshot below:






There were no VM's running in the cluster besides the CVM's



Any advice?




Re: Upgrading AHV

It seems I was just being impatient since the process is now at 49%.


It took around 100 minutes for 1 CVM. I suspect the reason is because they are only at 24g RAM.


Will test this the next time we reimage the block.





Re: Upgrading AHV

well sometime the process not running smoothly. I rather to upgrade it via IPMI rather than Prism. as Prism run on CVM it will disrupt when host on upgrade process. assigned CVM memory will not affect during upgrade process

Re: Upgrading AHV

Good advice! I will try this the next time we reimage.



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Re: Upgrading AHV

Depending on how many packages need to be upgraded, the hypervisor upgrades can take a long time. The important thing here is that VM service isn't impacted and that the process eventually completes


If service is impacted, or the process never completes, then we've got a problem, and thats when you should be creating a support ticket.


Even for lab issues, we're happy to take tickets, to investigate where our product isn't working correctly.

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