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Metro Availability using separate vCenter


Metro Availability using separate vCenter

I know that the best practice of Metro Avilability should have witness site and maintian with one vCenter.


But some requirement we need to have vCenter seperate DC and DR site.


What is concern point if implement Protection Domain (Metro) by using two vCenter?


Re: Metro Availability using separate vCenter


The configuration and BP remain same for metro availability, the difference is obvious HO and DR Nutanix ESXi nodes are managed by respective vCenter and part of respective clusters.

I had tested the scenario for one of the customers. 

I would recommend testing all the scenarios before putting ay production workload on the MA or Sync container.




Re: Metro Availability using separate vCenter

when doing metro you may want to have a transparent failover: to start the VMs on the survived site the HA mechanism of the vSphere Cluster is therefore used. If you separate the two clusters in a seperate vcenter you will loose the ability to get the VMs automatically started in case of a site desaster.