Automated VM export

  • 5 August 2022
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I want to be able to export a VM in OVA format from powershell.  I suppose any script or command line function would work, but I want to automate the process.  We have a large fileserver VM with millions of very small files.  Backing up that many files is taking longer than we would like, so we ideally want to just export the VM on a daily basis and have the backup done that way.  It should be faster to do that than to have a backup process handle millions of tiny files, the overhead is just too much.

I already have a script that will clone the VM and delete the VM, I just need the middle part to export the VM out of Nutanix to have that backup copy.  If I can’t get the full VM as I would prefer, I could tolerate having copies of the VM disks copied out as an automated process, to recreate the VM at a later date.  

This backup copy will only be for extreme emergencies, we already have snapshots of the VM and replicas at our remote site, but for auditing purposes we need a copy of the data off of Nutanix.  So, being able to restore the VM quickly isn’t a requirement.  An OVA or copies of the disks meet the requirements.  Does anyone know how to export a VM or VM disks from either powershell or a command line?

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