Prism Central: VM Backup / move to another AHV cluster

  • 10 February 2020
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Hi folks!

Does anybody backup Prism Central VMs in a Protection Domain? I was just thinking about that, since I need to move all VMs from one AHV cluster to another. That's because I need to reinstall the cluster with ESXi for compatibility with some VMs. The only way I found out is to create Protection Domains and replicate the VMs to the new cluster. So does this work with PC VMs also?



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Hello @kandy 

Replication of PCVM is supported using PD, but recovering from a 3rd Party backup is still in pipeline. I need to search for ESXi compatibility because I remember it being supported for AHV.   

Have you configured Calm or Flow in the PCVM? 

Hi Hitesh

Thank you very much for the quick reply. That sounds good. I'll try it.

No, currently I do not use Calm or Flow.

the ticket is old but I wanted to have some precisions about what is said : you manage your backup of PCVM with the Data Replication ? Don't you have any problems with the restore configuration ?

From what I’ve been told by support as recently as a few weeks ago, there is no currently supported way to back up the prism central VM.  I found that out the hard way when we tried to restore our botched PCVM from a PD and it failed to work.  I contacted support and they said it’s not supported.