AOS 5.01 minor bugs.

  • 15 March 2017
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We recently upgraded on of our clusters to AOS 5.01. This process went flawlessly!

After the upgrading I noticed some minor bugs which I would like to share:

1) Missing names:

Minor but worth mentioning.

2)Missing title:

Minor but worth mentioning

3)Missing export button. This is the main reason I'm posting this(preventing others to waste their time on this); It took me quite a while to find this "invisible button".

With AOS 5.01, the (invisible) button is on the right side of the graph:

If I come accross more bugs I will post them here


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2 replies

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Hey Seba - Is this for block SN ending with 0406? If so, can you submit a support ticket with all of this feedback so we can properly track? Even a support ticket with a link to this post would suffice.
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Hey Jon

I submitted a support ticket.

The serial is: 16SM6C390064.